Pac-Rite was established in March 1994 by Brian McCleary, who used his extensive packaging experience within the industry, to create a company that delivers high standards of service and high quality products, to cater for the specific needs and requirements of each individual customer.

From humble beginnings, to now one of KwaZulu-Natal’s fastest growing flexible packaging company’s, Pac-Rite has come a far way, from what was once a one-man operated business. In 1996, it was clear from the significant growth of the business that it needed to spread it wings and moved into Goshawk Park, while simultaneously purchasing its first small factory. This marked the start of new business opportunities, as it was able to manufacture its own basic packaging materials.

With premises now situated on Mahogany Ridge, being custom built to house its manufacturing and distribution operation under one roof, it is evident these strategic moves have allowed new doors to open and Pac-Rite’s growth in its manufacturing capacity has afforded exclusivity and variety to their customers.

Another invaluable step forward, came in March 2009, when Donovan Rayne (Sales Manager at the time), and Brian announced their partnership. With Donovan having joined Pac-Rite 11 years earlier and starting out as a Rep, meant his skills, knowledge and expertise would contribute to the business in a positive way. In joint full force, Brian and Donovan have successfully grown Pac-Rite to what it is today and the sky for them isn’t even the limit.

Pac-Rite’s success can also be attributed to its staff that display an unwavering commitment to deliver high quality products and service that stretches a mile to their customers. In a company equipped with fully competent, efficient and productive staff, the results speak for itself and their contribution to the industry is proving to be quite something. In addition, Pac-Rite’s solid relationships with top quality suppliers and on-going support from long-standing and loyal customers speak volumes and it leaves Brian and Donovan planning for an extremely exciting future.

Pac-Rite’s extensive variety of products includes anything from industrial packaging to catering for the retail market. The on-going acquisition of new machinery is indicative of a company committed to constantly improving its efficiency and product offering to keep up with the pace of an ever-changing industry.

Pac-Rite will always strive to maintain its high level of standards and deliver only the best quality products to their customers. Their flexibility, professional and personalized approach is evident.

Pac-Rite welcomes your interest and looks forward to meeting all your packing requirements.

Address:  10 Stockville Road
 Mahogany Ridge
Tel:  +27 (31) 700 6747
Fax:  +27 (31) 700 6855